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World’s first industrial explosion proof lighting improves safety in high risk areas

Industrial explosion proof LED Strip lighting fixtures

Hazardous area industrial explosion proof lighting fixtures specialist and largest trading partner of x-Glo Lighting in South Africa, Mineglow, has launched the world’s first IECEx certified explosive proof LED strip lights in Oceania.

The complex and hazardous nature of confined spaces present numerous risks for workers. Because of this, many businesses that operate in harsh locations make use of explosion proof lights to prevent the ignition of flammable gases. LED technology has contributed to the features of explosion proof lights by making them more reliable, sturdy and cost-effective. Reducing the risk of industrial explosions in gas and oil rigs, the x-Glo IECEx range is purpose-built for environments. The fire or explosion hazards exist due to flammable gases or explosive substances such as vapours, mists or dusts.

Traditional explosion proof lighting incorporates the use of incandescent and fluorescent fixtures. The lights are not as efficient to meet the needs of hazardous working environments, compared to LEDs. By comparison, LEDs boast an average lifespan of 50,000+ hours and a superior lumens-per-watt ration of 40-100. Moreover, LEDs are highly resistant to vibration and can withstand rough treatment due to its compact design. The lighting option also consumes over 20 percent less energy compared to other units, and is eco-friendly.

The world-first industrial explosion proof lighting solution provides a high level of protection by encapsulating electrical ignitions inside the light. The x-Glo industrial explosion proof lighting solution is IECEx, ATEX and ROHS approved. It certified for Gas Zones One and Two, and Dust Zones Twenty-one and Twenty-two. Beyond energy efficiency alone, industrial-grade LED strip lighting is renowned for its flexibility to install quickly and easily in hard-to-reach places. Moreover, it is fully customizable in length and requires zero maintenance.

Benefits of Using Industrial Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures

Mineglow General Manager, Carinne Pater said the IECEx certified lighting fixtures improves health and safety by protecting workers from the risk of accidental ignitions of explosive materials.

“The best way to prevent industrial explosions in high-risk industrial areas is to remove potential ignition sources,” Pater said.

“Lights are one of the most common causes of explosion ignition. Our solution minimizes risk by isolating and containing sparks within the strip to prevent explosions from escaping and potentially igniting the gases and particles in the atmosphere.

 “The low-profile of our lighting solution also means that they can’t be knocked and shattered. This greatly minimizes the risk of explosive reaction from spreading or igniting volatile substances in the area. So, in terms of health and safety – the benefits are significant.”

Pater said that LED-strip explosion proof lighting fixtures design offers considerable benefits over conventional lighting and other explosion proof products, through its flexibility, efficiency, durability and ease of deployment.

“This range is unique as it combines IECEx certified protection and peace of mind with all the benefits of premium, industrial-grade LED strips lighting.”

“Due to the flexibility in our explosive proof LED strip lighting, our lights are easy to install. That means they can be mounted to any surface – including curved surfaces and corners – to provide consistent lighting to illuminate large areas.”

“A single strip of our lights runs up to 30 meters and can be powered with 24V, 36V or 48V (AC or DC), giving customers the option to choose the optimum level of illumination for their application while maximizing the safety, productivity and wellbeing of their workforce.”

Advantages of Using Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures

Mineglow’s industrial explosion proof lighting range has a 50,000-hour lifespan. It can provide a daylight spectrum light in white 6500K for continuous lighting in hazardous areas, and red, amber and green for emergency directional lighting for illuminating escape routes.’ she said. 

Pater said industrial explosion proof lighting solutions are quickly becoming a safer, more cost efficient and sustainable long-term solution to alternative complex lighting infrastructures, especially in the Asia Pacific region.

“With the increasing regulations on worker safety globally, we’re seeing a lot of growth in the explosive proof lighting market. So it’s fantastic that we can provide a flexible LED strip lighting solution that’s truly unique and purpose-built for harsh conditions.” 

Pater continued that the replacement of incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps has been continuing to grow with continuous improvement of diode technology that aids higher power LEDs with higher lumen output. The light encapsulated with silicone and making them resistant to dust, humidity, chemicals and extreme environmental temperatures without enabling the risk of an explosion.

“Using high quality SMD LED lighting chips, our explosion-proof range offers high brightness, colour consistency, uniformity and most importantly, high reliability,” she said. 

An underground coal mine in Australia, offshore floating production storage and loading unit in Western Australia, and a paint manufacturing plant in New South Wales have increased their operational efficiency and workplace safety, while reducing maintenance and operating costs after adopting Mineglow’s x-Glo Explosive Proof LED strip lights. 

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Explosion Proof LED Lighting Application Areas

Mineglow’s explosion proof LED lighting offer a range of products that is designed to fit your work tasks in potentially explosive areas.

Working in potentially explosive areas require explosion proof lighting solutions. We have taken advantage of these multiple technology developments to design a new range of explosion proof LED work lights providing powerful illumination, extreme durability, versatile functionality, and very long lifetime. The explosion proof work lights approved and certified according to the latest European ATEX directive and according to the international IECEx regulations.

The explosion proof lights approved for use in:

Zone 0, 1 and 2 in explosive GAS atmosphere and Zone 20, 21 and 22 in combustible DUST atmosphere.

Also, this covers the vast majority of the market.

About Mineglow’s Industrial Explosion Proof Lights

Mineglow introduced the world’s first industrial-grade LED strip explosion proof lighting solution for hazardous environments. Robust, energy efficient lighting alternatives are the need for harsh industrial sectors to survive in the ever growing mining and energy sectors. Mineglow has made its presence felt by introducing the widest range of purpose-built and fully customizable LED strip light solutions to meet the needs. It also focus on tunnelling, construction, manufacturing, marine ports and conveyors.

Being the World’s largest distributor of x-Glo Led Strip lighting and exclusive trading partner for Oceania, Mineglow has been able to reduce energy consumption and operations costs of industries. Moreover, High risk oil and gas rigs, coal mines and other industrial applications has been able to create brighter, safer and highly productive workplace with the help of Mineglow.

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