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Hazardous area LED strip lighting specialist MineGlow has launched the longest 48V LED strip tunnel range available in Oceania, with a single run length of up to 400m between power feeds.

MineGlow General Manager Carinne Pater said the 48V tunnel range responds to an unmet need in tunnel construction, providing a longer, brighter and more durable continuous lighting solution.

“For years, tunnel contractors have been seeking ways to minimise power infrastructure while ensuring consistent LED strip lighting over distances,” she said.

“Currently, only 50-100m run lengths are possible with any other type of LED strip light available.”

“Our x-Glo 48V tunnel range provides more power over longer distances, enabling it to cover up to 400m between power sources, the longest distance possible today.

“As a result, less electrical infrastructure is needed for installation, reducing the frequency of power connections and ultimately saving time, resources and costs.

“Customers can expect reduced maintenance requirements, lower operational costs and longer lifespan, all while delivering consistent illumination and performance with a degradation of less than 5%.”

The new x-Glo 48V tunnel range also introduces new innovative technology to ensure brightness, durability and consistent lighting performance over longer distances.

Pater said the patented Twinflex technology responds to the need for brighter, more durable lights over longer distance in tunnelling environments.

“Twinflex significantly enhances the mechanical performance of the LED strip lights, ensuring the lights are consistently bright and can be expected to operate 24/7 without failure for at least five
years, regardless of the tunnel type and environmental conditions.

“With rapid heat dissipation, the range can consistently perform in the most demanding environments without yellowing or burning out.

“The consistent performance and durability not only enhances illumination but also contributes significantly to ensuring a safer working environment within the tunnels,” she said.

MineGlow’s x-Glo 48V tunnel range is also equipped with C-MaskTM technology, offering unparalleled durability.

Pater said the C-Mask technology is a commitment to quality, enabling the LED tunnel lighting strip to withstand the harshest conditions and operating temperatures, ensuring customers can rely on them for the long haul.

“C-Mask, together with its IP67 rating, enables the 48V tunnel range to repel dirt, corrosion and decay, even when not cleaned regularly.

“This ensures the LED strip lighting doesn’t become dull over time or requires constant cleaning.”

Pater said the 48V tunnel range is the culmination of three years of in-depth customer research and feedback.

“We’ve listened to our customers and industry needs, and we’re proud to deliver a solution purpose- built for the most demanding tunnelling conditions,” she said.

The 48V tunnel range is available in a range of lumen outputs, including 200, 500, 810, and 1080 lumens, providing flexibility for various tunnel lighting needs.

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MineGlow introduced the world’s first industrial-grade LED strip lighting solution for hazardous mining environments in 2014. Meeting the growing need for robust, energy-efficient lighting
alternatives in other harsh industrial sectors, MineGlow has expanded its presence with the widest range of purpose-built, fully customisable LED strip light solutions for mining and energy, tunnelling, construction, manufacturing, marine ports and conveyors. The world’s largest distributor of x-Glo LED strip lighting and exclusive trading partner for Oceania, MineGlow transforms high-risk oil and gas rigs, coal mines and other industrial applications into brighter, safer and more productive places to work while reducing energy and operating costs.

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