Exm Range

Exceptional lighting for explosive environments

Improve the safety and productivity of your workers. Our IECEx range is flexible, low-profile and robust making it the perfect solution to reduce maintenance costs.

MineGlow’s  Exm LED strip lighting is IECEx range and ATEX certified. The range is purpose built to prevent explosions in oil refineries, underground mining, petrochemical plants and other volatile industrial applications such as paint manufacturing and high dust zones.



Flexible by design. Flexible by nature. 

Our Exm LED strip lighting delivers a highly flexible and customizable solution for applications where inflammable and explosive substances are present.

– Powered with 24, 36, 48v DC power to meet your specific project needs

– Custom lengths from 15 to 30 metres for continuous illumination 

– Available in red, green, amber and white to suit your application and work zone 

– Install on any fixed or mobile surface including curved or uneven surfaces and corners



Our Exm range isolates and contains sparks to prevent explosions from escaping and igniting gases, dusts, fibres and particles in hazardous atmospheres. 

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MineGlow Exm-24V


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MineGlow Exm-48V

IECEX Range- Exm RGA

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