LED Work Lights for Mining

LED Work Lights for Mining. Built for Zero Harm.

Miners are often subject to poorly lit working conditions that lead to safety and well-being challenges. Providing your workforce with adequate lighting for the tasks they are performing ensures they can work productively and safely. Our LED work lights for mining are built for zero harm, meeting the highest safety standards and certifications possible. Because, when it comes to the safety, wellbeing and productivity of your workforce, quality matters. Also, LED Work Lights offer a number of advantages over other standard bulb lamps. If you are thinking of installing some work lights, it’s worth taking a moment to consider these points. Below we’ve pulled together a number of key advantages of LED work lights.

Engineered for tough mining environments, our industrial-grade LED work lights features high-grade components making them more efficient and reliable. With the longest continual run lengths on the market, popular mining lights really do go the distance. Farther reaching design with the ability to last longer and remain on constantly with out impacting the mine safety and performance. With near zero maintenance and prolific design enables the organization to save significant costs pertaining to lighting.

Underground mining LED work lights solutions for:

Mining tunnels | Substations | Crib rooms | Longwalls | Conveyors

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Benefits of Mineglow’s LED Work Lights for mining applications

LED work lights for mining are not only more energy-efficient, but also they offer a strong, brighter and safer solution. Here’s why:

1. Robust and energy efficient

LED lights are highly efficient and consume very low amounts of power. On average, switching out to LED lights delivers a saving of 60-75% in energy costs. This is great news for both your pocket due to lower energy bills and for the environment too. Mineglow’s LED work lights are proven to last in areas exposed to frequent blasting. Backed by a five year manufacturer’s warranty and ten year expected lifespan. Moreover, our lighting solutions rarely need repair, reducing your maintenance costs over time. Many of the mining customers have been using our LED work lights for over 6 years and never needed replacement.

2. Durable hardware

Mineglow’s x-Glo range has been engineered to be shock and impact resistant, are waterproof (IP67) and flame retardant. Available in both PVC and silicon, our solutions repel coal and dustꟷshining brighter, longer. Also, LED devices are an extremely small technology. This makes them highly adaptable in terms of application. They can be more easily installed in areas of restricted access where a larger light fitting just cannot be placed. This has obvious benefits when it comes to installing work lights on trucks, tractors and trailers.

3. Back-up power supply

Avoid outages with our dual power supply. With a low voltage power source on both ends of our LED strips, you can keep your lighting running even if these mining lights are accidentally severed or if a power source should fail.

4. High quality light output

Our x-Glo LED strip lighting is designed to provide a complete and even flood of luminescence, which lights up every crack and cavity in a 180° angle from ceiling to floor. This has proven to increase safety and awareness dramatically, boosting efficiency and increasing performance by up to 20 per cent.

5. Perfectly portable

The portability of x-Glo LED strip lighting gives you the flexibility to easily install and relocate your lighting for future shutdowns and longwall change-outs, or to other areas of your mine in need of lighting.

6. Lifespan and warranty guarantee

led work lights for mining industry      led work lights for mining industry

Our Popular LED Work Lights Solutions for Mining 

x-Glo Standard Range (SR)

Mineglow’s popular range of LED work lights for mining, used where there is sufficient access to power.

Each LED work lights can be powered from both ends for maximum run lengths and provides more redundancy if the strip is accidentally cut or damaged.

  • Available in run lengths from 42 meters to 90 meters, in 24 or 36v
  • All strips can be cut to size at 10-15cm intervals and reconnected, on-site, to suit your length requirements
  • Available in PVC or Silicon
  • Dust and dirt retardant properties are standard across the range


x-Glo LED Mining Work Lights Solutions

Guiding workers to safety at light speed.

Fast, effective emergency lighting is critical to ensuring the safety of your workers in confined underground spaces.

When visibility is compromised, our colour-coded pulse LED work lighting systems maintain communication with your workers. It can direct them to the nearest escapeway, refuge chamber or exit in the case of an emergency.

With multiple colours and directional pulse options, our LED work lighting act as a vital communication tool. Moreover, it keep your workforce safe and connected at all times.


x-Glo Exm Range

The first IECEx and ATEX certified explosive-proof LED strip lighting.

Suitable for use where there are airborne gases, vapours or dust that could create an explosion hazard. The Exm range isolates and contains sparks to prevent explosions from escaping into hazardous atmospheres. Our explosion-proof range is the latest addition to the x-Glo portfolio and the only IECEx certified LED work lights available today.

  • Available in custom lengths from 15 to 30 metres
  • Select the voltage, level of illumination and colour for your application and work zone
  • Install on any fixed or mobile surface including hard-to-reach curved and uneven surfaces and corners


View our full range of mining work lights solutions here.

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