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x-Glo Standard Range (STD) LED Lights

Our x-Glo Standard distance LED Lighting independently tested and certified to local and international standards.

Our x-Glo standard LED lights are the most popular and used where there is sufficient access to power.  Engineered to thrive in harsh environments, the Standard Range illuminates’ potential dangers and hazards by providing a complete flood of light from floor to ceiling which significantly reduces preventable incidents. 

Each x-Glo standard range LED lighting can be powered from both ends for maximum run lengths and provides redundancy if the strip is accidentally cut or damaged.

x-Glo Standard LED Lights are Suitable for use in:

Mining | Tunnelling | Ports | Conveyors | Industrial


  • Available in run lengths from 42 meters to 90 meters, in 12, 24 or 36v 
  • All strips can be cut to size at 10-15cm intervals and reconnected, on site, to suit your length requirements 
  • Available in PVC or Silicon
  • Dust and dirt retardant properties standard across the range 
  • Ring feed design guarantees functioning lighting if severed. 
  • Available in daylight White RGB and RGA 

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x-Glo-12 STD

standard range led lights-12

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x-Glo-18 STD

x-glo-standard range led lights-18

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x-Glo-24 STD

x-glo standard distance led lights-24

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x-Glo-30 STD

x-glo standard led lighting-30

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x-Glo-36 STD

x-glo 36

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x-Glo-60 STD

standard led lights- x-Glo 60

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