commercial and industrial Explosion proof Tunnel LED Lights Strips Australia


Benefits of our LED strip lighting

Health and Safety

Typical lighting installations in underground mines, consist of fixtures that are evenly spaced. This design gives an an uneven light distribution
with high and low spots of luminescence, causing glare and confusion. This in turn creates a more hazardous working environment. These
installations are further exaggerated when lighting failure occurs, leaving even darker areas with no lighting whatsoever.

x-Glo LED strip lighting is designed for a complete flood of luminescence, which lights up every crack and cavity in a 180° angle from
ceiling to floor. Because of x-Glo’s design there will never be any dark spots, only a constant and stable lighting platform. x-Glo
has proven to increase safety and awareness dramatically, boost efficiency and increase performance by up to 20%, resulting in higher
morale. There is no other lighting system globally available that can match these unique benefits.

Continuous lux levels

Our LED strip lighting systems provide a continuous and constant light lux in comparison to other LED lighting systems. In comparison, a traditional light bulb provides a higher lux at a single point which continues to decrease the further you are away. By offering 180-degree, floor-to-ceiling illumination, LED strips eliminate shadows, glare and hazardous dark spots to help workers operate more safely while identifying risks and mitigating hazards early.


Light maintenance comparison

99% of all conventional lighting systems available are not designed to be continuously on. When exposed to the conditions in underground
mining, the overall efficiency and lifespan of these lighting systems is reduced dramatically.

Most conventional lighting systems lose up to 50% luminescence within the first 4 to 6 months and rarely last beyond the 12 month mark.
This equates to the lighting lifespan for most conventional lighting in underground mines of approximately 4 to 6 months.

x-Glo lighting uses highly specialised components making it able to withstand being continuously on. x-Glo functions at optimal efficiency
in the most challenging environments for long periods of time. The light output lost is considered to be marginal at +-5% per annum
for the first four years, thereafter stabilising at +-1 to 2% per annum.

Graph showing conventional light depreciation vs. x-Glo LED Strip lighting

Summary of lighting in mines

Fitting Lifespan Luminescence drop Timeframe
Compact Fluorescent Lamp 10 – 12 Months 50% Loss 6 – 8 Months
Fluorescent Lamp 12 – 18 Months 50% Loss 10 – 12 Months
High Pressure Sodium Lamp 18 – 24 Months 50% Loss 12 – 18 Months
Metal Halide Lamp 10 – 12 Months 50% Loss 6 – 8 Months
General LED’s 12 – 24 Months 50% Loss 12- 18 Months
x-Glo LED’s 5 Years 30% – 50% Loss 5 Years

Financial comparison

x-Glo LED strip lighting is considered by many to be more costly than conventional lighting. This is vastly incorrect as x-Glo is in fact
verified to be the most cost-effective lighting system available. x-Glo is the only lighting solution which has proven to generate
massive savings in energy costs. Most conventional lighting systems are not designed to function in the demanding and harsh conditions
of the mining sector. This is due to many factors such as: being continuously on, high ambient temperatures, high moisture and general
damage due to the rugged environment. Conventional lighting systems are high maintenance due to the short lifespan and continuous replacement
of all components.

Because x-Glo is a low maintenance, long warranty product, there are no costs whatsoever required to maintain its functionality. x-Glo
has an average return on investment of only one and a half years, thereafter converting original maintenance costs into massive savings.
x-Glo is by far the most educated choice for forward thinkers as a cost-effective lighting solution for industrial and hazardous environments.

Graph showing financial savings with x-Glo LED lighting

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