Five ways LED strip lights improve health and safety underground

Lack of illumination and inadequate visibility are primary causes of accidents and injuries in underground environments. Underground personnel depend highly on appropriate lighting to identify hazards quickly and work safely. This is why the quality and quantity of illumination is critical for safe working conditions in environments where there is no natural light and potentially hazardous tasks and equipment are present.

We’ve shared five ways LED strip lighting improves health and safety underground.


Reduce glare

Too much light can impede vision and create glare, leading to discomfort, eye strain, fatigue and stress – particularly over long periods of time. Traditional fluorescent and LED lighting create a wide and broad dispersion of light, generating spill light that can contribute to reflection or glare. In comparison, our x-Glo LED strip lights are directional, with 100 per cent of the light emission from the LEDs directed onto the task area, maximising lighting efficiency, minimising spill and reducing glare.

Eliminate dark spots

Incorrect lighting is a leading cause of slip, trip and fall (STF) hazards. Low light and dark spots caused by inadequate lighting make it more difficult for workers to identify hazards quickly. With no natural light, high visibility is crucial in the early detection and prevention of safety hazards and obstructions.

Our LED strip lighting solutions provide continuous illumination, vastly improving site safety and visibility while reducing the risk of equipment damage. By offering 180-degree, floor-to-ceiling illumination, LED strips eliminate shadows and hazardous dark spots to help personnel work more safely while mitigating the risk of hazards.

Improve worker health and wellbeing

Inadequate illumination in underground low-light environments significantly affects fatigue, attention, reaction ability and hand-eye coordination. While insufficient lighting can disrupt your circadian rhythm, affecting your immune system and mental wellbeing. Research found that long-term circadian disruption can lead to obesity, diabetes and cancer.

Having a high-quality lighting system in place will help improve your team’s health, safety and wellbeing. LEDs produce a vibrant white output which can help reduce eye strain and enhance visual safety. MineGlow’s LED strip lights produce white light emissions of up to 6500K (equivalent to daylight) that enable precise colour recognition, which is critical when working with electrical wiring. With a Colour Rendering Index of over 80, LED strip lights can improve light quality and visibility while keeping your workforce safe, maximising productivity and efficiency.

Direct workers to safety

Proper emergency LED lighting can significantly improve health and safety by reducing the rate of incidents in underground and hazardous environments. In addition, lighting can effectively communicate critical information to warn and inform people what to do or where to go next.

MineGlow’s em-Control emergency light system emits multi-directional light pulses and colours to lead workers to the closest refuge chamber or emergency exit. The system operates on high-sight impact rather than sound, making it perfect for smoke-filled or low-light conditions.

Reduce the risk of explosions

Industrial work environments such as mining and tunnelling can often be subjected to hazardous vapours and gases, creating severe safety issues if not planned for effectively. Therefore, ensuring you have hazardous area lighting in your hazardous environment is paramount to keeping your workers safe.

MineGlow is the only provider to offer an IECEx and ATEX-certified LED strip lighting solution in Australia. The solution reduces the risk of an explosion by electrical failure by encapsulating the spark within the fixture. MineGlow’s x-Glo explosion-proof range is approved for use in any applications rated Gas Zone One and Two and Dust Zone Twenty-one and Twenty-Two.


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