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em-Control Emergency Lighting System



In an emergency, steering your underground workforce away from danger and directing them to safety is the number one priority.  That’s why selecting the right emergency lighting system is critical. You need an effective emergency LED lighting system you can count on. One that’s reliable, customisable to your site’s specific needs and fully interoperable – to communicate with other vital safety systems.

Guide your workers to safety. 

Guide your underground workforce to safety in the event of an emergency with our em-Control Emergency LED Lighting system. Powered by a network-based controller that can link into any 3rd party system, em-Control uses high illumination to warn and direct underground workers to safety using multi-directional light pulses and colours.

Smart integration

Developed with an open architecture, em-Control can integrate with any third-party system using the APIs provided to maximise safety in:

  • Emergency evacuations
  • Locating refuge chambers
  • Traffic management
  • Zone identification
  • Vehicle awareness
  • Exclusion zones

Fully Customisable

Change direction, speed, colour and duration of the chase/pulse to suit your exact site requirements. Modes of lighting that can be customised includes intensity, pulsing, static, forward and backwards. em-Control can be managed easily through em-View, our intuitive web interface or API while our em-Lighting LED strip lighting can be configured to go any distance required.

Power more for less

Control up to 500m of emergency LED lighting with a single em-Controller unit, significantly reducing the costs associated with setting up emergency lighting system infrastructure. 

Easy to install and operate

Operate the em-Control system manually or remotely from anywhere. Our industrial grade em-Lighting LED strip is easy to deploy on any surface, reducing installation time and labour. 

Ready 24/7 

Count on high reliability in the event of a network or communication outage. The em-Control system is ‘always on‘ and ready to direct personnel to the closest safety point 24/7.

Industrial grade for peace of mind

Our industrial grade em-Lighting emergency LED lights are built to last up to 10 years and designed to thrive in harsh environments. With an IP67 rating, they are shock vibration and water proof, and include a 5-year warranty. 

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