LED Lighting for Coal Ports and Conveyors

Ports and conveyor lighting systems are often subject to some of the most challenging environmental conditions. Ensuring you have a robust and reliable lighting infrastructure in place is essential to not only facilitate accurate and fast work but to create a safe work environment that contributes to worker comfort and wellbeing. 

MineGlow’s LED strip lighting solutions for ports and conveyors are manufactured from premium high-grade materials which enables them to withstand tough conditions such as high winds, salty and wet air, and humid environments. Our innovative lighting solutions help to eliminate maintenance costs and significantly reduce power consumption while increasing lifespan. 

Our flexible and low-profile LED strip lighting is easy to install on any surface and provides daylight-like conditions with the minimum requirement for infrastructure. 


Ports and Conveyors LED Lighting Solutions for: 

Marine ports | Wharf & port facilities | Mining conveyor gantries | walkways & terminals

MineGlow - Waterproof LED Strip Lighting

Benefits of our Port and Conveyor LED strip lighting for Ports & Conveyors: 

Our Industrial-grade LED strip lights for Ports and Conveyors are low maintenance, energy-efficient solution that provides 

Withstand harsh environments

Extreme temperature variances, humidity, dust and corrosive elements can all impact the quality of your lighting infrastructure over time. Our x-Glo lighting solutions are engineered to withstand shock and impact, are waterproof (IP67) and flame retardant with no detrimental effect on life span. 

High-quality light output

Our x-Glo LED strip lighting is designed to provide a complete and even flood of luminescence, which lights up every crack and cavity at a 180° angle from ceiling to floor. This has proven to increase safety and awareness dramatically, boost efficiency and increase performance by up to 20 per cent.

Perfectly portable

The portability and flexibility of our x-Glo LED strip lighting gives you the flexibility to easily install and relocate your lighting in even the most challenging locations

Robust and built to last the distance

Our LED strip lights are proven to last in areas exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and ten-year expected lifespan, our lighting solutions rarely need repair or replacement, reducing your maintenance costs over time.  Many of our customers have been using our lights for over six years and never needed replacement or maintenance. 

Lifespan and warranty guarantee


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Our Popular Solutions for Ports & Conveyors 

x-Glo Standard Range (SR)

Our Standard Range delivers a continuous strip of lighting making it an ideal solution for conveyor belts, ports and walkways. 

Each LED light strip can be powered from both ends for maximum run lengths and provides more redundancy if the strip is accidentally cut or damaged. 


x-Glo Long Range (LR) 

This range is commonly used where there is limited access to power due to the longer run lengths between power supplies. Typical run lengths range from 80m to 168m, per single run length. 

MineGlow can provide the longest continuous LED strip lighting to the market due to the extra thick copper backbone. Available in PVC or silicon and have dust and dirt retardant properties as standard.


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