About Us

We make hazardous and heavy industrial work environments brighter, safer and more productive.

We are the leading provider of safe, robust and durable industrial LED lights strips solutions in Australia, purpose-built for mining, oil and gas, tunnelling and other hazardous environments such as utilities, ports and conveyors.

Founded in 2014 by industry pioneers Roy and Carinne, the original co-founders of the x-Glo lighting range and were the first to introduce LED strip lights to underground mining in Australia. These revolutionary industrial LED strip lighting solutions brought full daylight conditions into poorly-lit work areas that significantly reduced preventable safety incidents.

LED Lights Strips: Built to perform in harsh conditions across Australia

Having spent many hours in underground mines throughout Australia and Africa, Roy saw the impact poor lighting conditions were having on miners’ safety, productivity and, importantly, their health and wellbeing. Across many sites, miners were subjected to darkness and inadequate lighting for up to 12 hours a day. Traditional lighting sources were also maintenance intensive, taking electrical teams away from critical production tasks needed for mine production.

Identifying a clear industry need, Roy and Carinne started sourcing and designing a range of purpose-built strip lighting solutions for mining and other hazardous environments.  MineGlow’s solutions were tested with key coal mining customers initially, to combat common underground lighting challenges such as:

  • cumbersome installations
  • costly ongoing maintenance
  • insufficient illumination for meaningful work without the need for additional temporary lighting systems.

MineGlow has led the market in quality, safety and sustainability with a range of premium, industrial-grade LED strip lighting solutions that are easy to install, durable and built to perform in the harshest conditions.

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Transforming harsh industrial environments

Today, MineGlow’s lighting solutions illuminate a wide range of industrial sites, beyond mining, as demand continues to grow in tunnel construction, process and manufacturing plants, conveyor systems and water treatment facilities.  Because our customers benefit from greater visibility and a constant even light from floor to ceiling to eliminate common lighting-related hazards and reduce preventable incidents.

MineGlow has grown to become the world’s largest exclusive distributor of the x-Glo strip lighting products in Australia, West Africa and Mongolia, selling x-Glo’s industrial range of strip lights through our reliable network of local agents.

Market leading solutions, backed by research and innovation 

MineGlow continues to expand and evolve our range of in-house solutions through ongoing investment in product research and development.  Our commitment to safety innovation in the LED strip lighting sector has delivered a number of significant industry firsts:

  • Installed Australasia’s first, purpose-built industrial lighting in an LED strip light form factor purpose built for mining
  • The world’s longest continual hazardous LED lighting strip
  • The world’s first LED strip emergency lighting for mining and tunneling
  • The world’s first Exm IECEx and ATEX certified explosive-proof LED strip light for oil and gas, Zone 1, Zone 2 and other explosive environments.

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