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Impacts of Incorrect Implementation of Underground LED Lights

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Wednesday 28 April is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. By raising awareness of work health and safety issues and taking action to eliminate or minimize health and safety risks at work, we can help prevent further work-related fatalities and injuries. To help raise awareness we are calling out some of the common injuries and issues associated with poor underground led lights in mining environments. By reducing or eliminating lighting-related health and safety risks underground, together we can move one step closer to our goal of zero harm.

Due to the improper installation of underground led lights, miners face many challenges in mining environments, such as high noise and low lighting. Inadequate lighting in underground mining remains one of the leading causes of accidents. New research showing that poor illumination has a significant effect on fatigue, attention, reaction ability and hand-eye coordination. When miners work in poorly lit environments, it affects not only operational efficiency but also increases physical hazards such as tripping and mental exhaustion that lead to safety incidents. With these hazards in mind, it’s critical to provide appropriate lighting, both in colour and output. It will allow mine workers to operate safely and productively.

Illuminating underground mines: in selecting LED strip lights

There is no natural light available in underground mining. So, it’s critical to be able to provide workers with adequate lighting for the tasks they are performing. When working in volatile environments with extreme temperatures, explosive gases, combustible dusts, getting the right lighting solution is critical. LED strip lighting has revolutionized industrial and hazardous work environments due to the increasing capabilities of light-emitting diode technology. The advanced underground LED lighting technology being able to improve miners safety and productivity in several ways. Firstly, continuous illumination reduces glare and gives best possible daylight conditions and enables miners to easily detect hazards. When working with wiring for instance, features such as 65k white light emissions also enable precise colour recognition. A durable design allows quality LEDs to last up to 50,000 hours, reducing operating and maintenance costs.

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underground led lights- installation image

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