Five ways directional LED strip lighting improves safety in hazardous areas

The right emergency lighting combined with efficient communication technology can significantly improve health and safety by reducing the rate of incidents in underground and hazardous environments. Lighting can effectively communicate critical information, to warn and inform people what to do or where to go next.

We have shared five ways directional LED strip lighting systems can improve safety in hazardous underground areas.


1. Emergency evacuations

In the event of an emergency, directional LED strip lighting like MineGlow’s em-Control emergency lighting system uses directional lighting patterns to provide clear visual instructions to the workers as to the safest and fastest evacuation route to take.


2. Zone Identification

Directional LED strip lighting enables underground workers to easily distinguish safe and unsafe zones during major incidents through coloured warning signals. In addition, underground operations can select from various colours and light pulsing modes to indicate restricted zones or significant events.


3. Traffic management

To reduce traffic-related incidents while managing traffic flow and direction at intersections and cross-cuts, directional LED strip lights can also be used as traffic light systems. Directional LED lighting systems are particularly useful when visibility is a concern and in congested areas to improve the safety and efficiency of moving vehicles. By implementing LED strip lighting solutions such as red chasing and green chasing, personnel can manage the flow of vehicles while providing additional safety for vehicles and personnel.


4. Heavy equipment awareness

Directional lighting provides light vehicle personnel with an early indication of oncoming non-passible or non-reversible vehicles or machinery along narrow passageways. This enables workers and operators to make safer and smarter decisions. Your underground workforce can stay safe when large machinery or equipment is approaching with directional LED strip lighting as it illuminates ahead and behind the path of heavy vehicles to indicate approach, reducing accidents and minimising traffic issues.


5. Exclusion zones

Underground personnel can easily and quickly indicate dangerous and restricted zones to mitigate accidental access. Coloured LED strip lighting can be used as a boundary to communicate restricted areas. Using high visual communication methods such as colour-coded lighting helps to ensure workers stay safe underground.


To learn more about MineGlow’s emergency lighting system, em-Control, click here

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