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Benefits of Mineglow’s LED Strip Lights for Tunnelling

Ground conditions, limited visibility and geological factors make tunnel lighting system a tough and unpredictable job. A good tunnel lighting system is essential not only for energy efficiency and site productivity, but to ensure the safety of your workers at all stages of construction, and beyond.

Industrial grade LED strip lighting is today’s first choice for tunnelling. Here’s why:

Distance matters

Mineglow’s LED strip lighting solutions for tunnelling provide continuous illumination along the entire tunnel, vastly improving site safety and visibility while reducing the risk of asset damage. Our single, Long-Range solution runs lengths from 80 meters up to 168 meters, delivering the longest continuous LED strip lighting on the market due to its extra-thick copper backbone.

Back-up power supply.

Our x-Glo LED strip lighting offers a back-up power supply to ensure continuity of your tunnel lights where there is limited access to power. Our lights will keep shining brightly, even if an end is severed or one power supply fails.

Indestructible hardware

Tunnels can often be subject to harsh and corrosive environments. Keep working conditions safe with our IP67 rated LED strip lighting, engineered to thrive in such conditions with dust and moisture repelling casing. Available in PVC and silicon.

Customize to meet your needs

From colour and lighting output to length, you can customize our x-Glo range to suit the requirements of your project.

Hassle-free installation

Prevent unnecessary installation downtime so you can focus on the job at hand. Get your tunnel lighting system up and running with our easy to install range. The flexible design of our LED strip lighting means you can install on any fixed or mobile surface including curved or uneven surfaces and corners.

Lifespan and warranty guarantee

tunnel lighting system

Our Popular Solutions for Tunnel Lighting System

x-Glo Long Range (LR)

This range is commonly used in tunnelling or where there is limited access to power due to the longer runs lengths between power supplies. Typical run lengths range from 80m to 168m, per single run length. Mineglow is able to provide the longest continuous LED strip lighting to the market due to the extra thick copper backbone. Available in PVC or Silicon and have dust and dirt retardant properties as standard.

x-Glo Exm Range

Keep your workforce safe with our IECEx certified explosion-proof LED strip lighting, making them safe for use in areas where airborne vapours or dust could create an explosion hazard. Our explosive-proof range is the latest addition to the x-Glo portfolio and the ONLY IECEx certified and ATEX LED strip light available today.

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