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Happy National LED Lighting Day

National LED Light Day

To celebrate National LED Lighting Day 2021, Mineglow has produced an infographic: 10 Benefits of LED Strip Lighting. 


LED strip lights have revolutionized industrial and hazardous work environments worldwide due to the increasing capabilities of light-emitting diode technology and the ability to provide a continuous strip of illumination.  


High-quality, industrial-grade LED lighting technology improves safety, efficiency and productivity while reducing operating and maintenance costs.  


“Getting the right LED lighting solution for the right environment is key,” said Carinne Pater, General Manager of Mineglow. In underground mining, heavy industrial or volatile oil and gas environments, this is critical.  


“Choose wisely and the benefits are far reaching. Make sure your lights are industrial grade and purpose-built to meet local and international safety standards. And always ask for the certifications you need to perform in harsh and hazardous conditions.”  


“Look for LEDs that have been rigorously tested for durability and are waterproof (IP 67), fire retardant and self-extinguishing, impact and shock-resistant.  


“Premium-quality solutions have dust and dirt retardant properties as standard, are blast-resistant, explosion-proof (IECEX certified) and can withstand up to 70kg of pulling power.”   

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10 benefits of LEDs for National LED light day





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