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Five ways LED strip lights can improve your ESG

Thanks to rapidly evolving LED strip lighting technology, industrial and hazardous work environments can further reduce carbon emissions. Industrial LED strip lights provides many environmental and sustainability advantages and we have listed our top five below!


Lower energy costs

LED strip lights use up to 75% less energy than traditional lighting sources such as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. LED strip lighting solutions are typically lower in wattage, with most MineGlow lighting strips ranging between 2 to 9 Watts per metre, depending on the lumens required for the task. In comparison, a non LED light source would need anything from 20-200 watts to deliver the equivalent lumens.

For large mining and tunnelling operations that require hundreds of metres of lighting, these energy-efficient LED strip lights help to significantly slash monthly energy consumption and costs while reducing carbon emissions.  In addition, the MineGlow LED strip lights can be easily uninstalled and re-located when a tunnel is de-commissioned.


Lower operational costs 

Unlike traditional lighting sources, prone to premature failure due to harsh environmental conditions, industrial LED strip lights are engineered for harsh and hazardous environments.

With corrosion, impact, shock resistant and fire-retardant properties, the MineGlow LED strips, substantially reduce lighting maintenance required. In addition, a damaged section of the LED strip can quickly and easily be cut and a new section inserted, as the Industrial LED strip lights can be cut every 10cm, saving time and money.


Improved lifespan 

Long-lasting LED strips can operate for over 50,000 hours in harsh conditions with only a 20% loss in luminescence over this period. A longer lifespan also reduces the requirement for frequent replacements, further saving costs.


Reduce toxic waste materials

LED strip lights are made from environmentally friendly materials. The strips are encased in silicon, a non-toxic, recyclable material while the strip circuit boards are made from non-harmful components and do not require special handling when disposed of unlike traditional lighting systems.

LED strip lights also have no breakable components or filament bulbs, enabling them to withstand demanding conditions that would typically break traditional fixtures. This allows your operation to remain productive and operational for longer periods of time, safely.


Improves worker wellbeing

LED strip lights produce continuous lux levels, which helps to eliminate dark spots and uneven light distribution.  With acontinuous 180-degree beam angle our hazardous area LEDs lights keep work areas adequately lit, enhancing visibility and operator safety.

With 6500K day-light light output, workers can feel safe, leading to improved productivity, performance and wellbeing while reducing eye strain and fatigue.


By investing in LED strip lights like MineGlow’s industrial LED strip lights, your operation can improve its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards today! 

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