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Underground LED Strip Lighting Technology Improving Safety Mining

LED Mine Lighting - Lighting for underground hazardous area mining

Underground mining requires safe, effective and durable lighting solutions. By improving visibility, reducing glare and decreasing maintenance requirements x-GLO explosion proof underground LED Strip Lighting technology is enhancing safety mining in these environments.

Improved visibility is critical in maintaining a safe working environment underground, with poor lighting cited as a contributing factor in many underground accidents. Miners face many challenges in underground mine environments, such as high noise and high dust density, and low lighting is another significant challenge. When miners work in poorly lit locations, it affects not only operational efficiency but also increases physical hazards such as tripping and mental exhaustion (such as fatigue) that lead to safety incidents. With these hazards in mind, it’s critical to provide appropriate lighting, both in colour and output, to allow mine workers to operate safely and productively.

Also, Glare is a significant issue in determining the design of illumination systems for underground coal mining.

Traditional fluorescent lighting creates a wide and broad dispersion of light which generates spill light that can contribute to reflection or glare off PPE cap shields.

In comparison, x-Glo underground LED Strip lighting is directional where 100 per cent of the light emission from the LEDs is directed onto the task area, maximizing lighting efficiency, minimizing spill and reducing the instances of glare.

The white light emissions from x-Glo underground LED Lighting source also allows for a more precise color recognition when compared to that of fluorescent lighting. This provides a strong contrast to black backgrounds and a high perception of illuminance.

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