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LED Strip Lights in Australia Reducing Maintenance Requirements

MineGlow - LED Strip Lighting - Industrial - Hover

By design x-Glo LED Strip Lights in Australia reduces maintenance requirements and increases safety through reduced downtime, instances of failure and maintenance.

x-Glo LED Strip Lights lasts significantly longer than fluorescent lighting options reducing maintenance costs and the instances of individuals conducting lighting maintenance in hazardous areas.

x-Glo LED Strip Lights has a working life in excess of 50,000 hours, equating to over five years of 24 hour use.

In comparison, the working life of a fluorescent light is significantly less than five years and therefore requires more frequent changing out of the light source, more maintenance activity and potential operation impact.

x-Glo LED Strip Lights in Australia does not typically catastrophically fail, as is usually the case with fluorescent lighting, but rather the light output generally decreases over time. This allows for a regular maintenance schedule and replacement prior to failure, maintaining consistency of lighting thus improving safety underground.

Durability is paramount underground where lighting is required to withstand high levels of vibration and mechanical movement as well as high pressure washes and cleaning to remove surface dust.

The x-Glo LED Strip Lighting for underground mining is made of a high grade, fire retardant PVC and IP68 rated, making it more compact and robust due to its low profile.

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