Illuminating Industrial Sites 


From manufacturing to mills, illuminating industrial sites with traditional light sources can be challenging and costly. Factors such as maintenance, operating cost, energy efficiency, explosion risk, and workplace health and safety are all critical to the success of your operations.

Industrial grade LED strip lighting has transformed the visibility and efficiency of today’s factories and manufacturing plants making them brighter, safer and more productive places to work.

As hazardous area LED strip lighting specialists, we offer safe, robust, industrial-grade strip lighting solutions for a variety of industrial applications. All of our solutions are fully certified to the highest national and international quality standards, and customisable to the unique needs of your facilities and operations.

Create a safe and productive working environment for your workforce with our industrial LED strip lighting.

Industrial LED strip lighting solutions for: 

Warehouses | Granaries | Carparks | Mills | Factories | Manufacturing | Distilleries

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Benefits of Mineglow’s LED strip lighting solutions for industrial applications 

Long lasting

Our industrial LED strip lights have an incredible life span. One of our primary goals during the product’s creation was to make sure that it could handle the pressure of demanding industries with little or no maintenance required at all. We designed our lights to run around the clock for up to ten years.

Certified and tested

Our lights undergo rigorous testing for safety and durability. After more than 6000 hours in 85°C, our lights showed no signs of damage or decay.

Robust and durable

Built to last, our industrial-grade lights are waterproof (IP 67), flame retardant, impact-resistant, and shock-resistant. Our new explosion-proof range is also a popular choice for volatile environments such as paint manufacturing, mills and granaries and other high dust zone facilities.

High quality light output

Our industrial-grade LED strip lighting offers higher efficiency for increased energy savings, power maintenance costs and shorter payback periods. Our solutions eliminate the risk of dark spots, glare or blinding by producing 65k lumens which is the equivalent of daylight conditions.

Lifespan and warranty guaranteed

Our Popular Solutions for Industrial 

x-Glo Exm Range

Keep your workforce safe with our IECEx certified, explosion-proof  LED strip lights, safe for use in areas where airborne vapours, gases or dust could create an explosion hazard. Mineglow’s x-Glo Exm range isolates and contains sparks to prevent explosions from escaping and igniting gases, dusts, fibres and particulars in hazardous atmospheres.  Our explosive-proof range is the latest addition to the x-Glo portfolio and the only IECEx and ATEX certified LED strip light available today.


x-Glo Standard Range (SR)

x-Glo Standard is our most popular range, typically used in applications where there is sufficient access to power for the power supplies. Each strip can be powered from both ends to maximise run lengths and provide more redundancy if the strip is accidentally cut or damaged.

  • Run lengths range from 42 to 90 metres
  • Available in 24 and 36V options 
  • All strips can be cut to size at 10-15cm intervals and reconnected on site to suit your length requirements 
  • Available in PVC or silicon 
  • Dust and dirt retardant properties included as standard 


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