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Benefits of Mineglow’s LED Strip Lighting solutions for Oil & Gas

LED Strip Lighting Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

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Benefits of Mineglow’s LED Strip Lighting solutions for Oil and Gas


High-quality explosion-proof LED lighting solutions provide bright, ‘daylight’ illumination for oil and gas environments at half the wattage and a fraction of the installation time and cost of traditional lighting systems with next to zero ongoing maintenance.

IECEx and ATEX certified

Keep your workforce safe while maximizing productivity and peace of mind with the industry’s only explosion-proof LED strip lighting solution. Certified for use in Zones 1, 2, 21, 22. Available in red, green and amber to suit the specific zones and specific safety applications.

Built for extreme temperatures

Our full range of lighting solutions are designed and tested to withstand harsh environments. Our LED strip lights are unaffected by severe temperature variations.

High quality light output

Constant luminescence is important to eliminate dark spots and reduce threats of glare and blinding to reduce preventable incidents while improving wellbeing and efficiency. Increase productivity and employee alertness with LED strip lighting that creates daylight working conditions. Our 65K strip lighting solutions are energy-efficient and glare-free, and provide a complete flood of lighting from floor to ceiling. The high colour rendering index (CRI) means your team can interpret colour-coded hazardous material signage easily when performing electrical work.

Lifespan and warranty guarantee

Our Popular Solutions for Oil and Gas


x-Glo Exm Range

Keep your workforce safe with our IECEx certified explosion-proof LED strip lighting solutions. Safe for use in areas where airborne vapours, gases or dust could create an explosion hazard, our x-Glo range isolates and contains sparks to prevent explosions from escaping and igniting into hazardous atmospheres.

Our explosive-proof range is the latest addition to the x-Glo portfolio and the ONLY IECEx certified and ATEX LED lighting strip available today. Learn more

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